Thursday, December 15, 2016

Painting Up the Town

There was a fundraiser in Midale, Sk last night
My daughter, Chantel asked me to come. 
What the heck....lets give it a try!
This is the original...

We started with fresh paint and canvas.
The instructor, Jamie had a few tips.
1- Get your drink on...instead of your think on!!!
2- Don't compare yourself to anyone else
3- If it looks like your neighbour is a professional painter....
Maybe scoot over! 
Yup....professional painter in the midst ...
Brenda Blackburn
Favorite teacher, fellow organic farmer, daughter of the famous painter, Margaret Delainey
We didn't move...we kept a firm grip on th brush and hoped for the best!!
We started with our background
Everyone was looking on par....except BRENDA!!
Very Van Gough...starry it!! 
Next we added trees and some snowflakes
Chantel's rendition....
Brenda's trees....
Added some snow to the trees and a string of lights....
Chantel's...added the lights
Maryann's...She plans to add some bunnies...
I didn't like the lights so I added a fence line on mine
It was a fun TWO hours!!
Amazing what we accomplished!! 
Back row-Maryann, Chantel, Kat,Shayna,me 
Front- Brenda, Monique 
Thanks for the fun, everyone!!

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