Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Quilting Christmas Party

Show and tell was awesome!!!
Narrie made a few set of doll clothes for her grand daughter 
Talented in sewing, knitting AND crochet!!!
Crazy how cute these are!!


Colleen embroidered a beautiful tree skirt

Metallic snowflakes

Lori made a bunch of reindeer pillows

Colleen also made this cute peek a boo teepee quilt for a foster child in the family 

If that wasn't fabulous enough.....

It was gift exchange!!

The only rule was 'homemade'

These girls are so darn talented 

Narrie made Maryann a doily and owl potholder 


Jane painted a picture for Theresa 

Lori made a mini quilt for Terry 

Look how tiny these flower buttons are!!!!!

Maryann made Narrie some pot holders with tiny prairie points

So creative....'Whisking' her a Merry Christmas 

Theresa made me a lighted ornament with plastic cups and blue lights

Looks pretty cool all lit up! 

Charlene made Jane some popcorn and wash clothes

Colleen knows Lori so well...


She embroidered tea towels for each day of the week 

In the Glamping style to go in her motor home in Mesa this winter 

Terry made Colleen a ladder for her quilts 

Vernelle painted a sled for Charlene  

So cute!!

Incredible work everyone!!! 

Thanks for all the fun! 





  1. Replies
    1. They sure were! You need to join us next year.

  2. I'm so sad you didn't get a picture of my gift from Terry - my handmade quilt ladder. I certainly enjoyed the rest of the post though. We sure are a multi-talented group aren't we.

    1. Sorry about that!! It didn't attach the first time!! Fixed it! We certainly reach for the Stars year after year!!

  3. What beautiful home made gifts. They're all special.

  4. It's always exciting to see what everyone comes up with! Amazing each and every year!!


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