Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chantel's Weekend Bag

The Amy Butler Weekender Bag.....
I love my Amy Butler Weekender bag 
I thought it would be a good gift for Chantel's birthday 
That way we would never have a mix up with the grandkids bags and the parent bags again!! 
I started with this piles of FQ I had used in a class in Houston
Was I excited to find my favorite seam ripper in the middle!!! 
I forgot that I had put it in a 'safe' place to get it home
I have been looking for it since I got home!!!!

Instead of batting I use Soft and Stable for bags

I didn't quilt this one. 

Wants to keep it simple for Chantel 

I purchased these feet for bags in Houston

They were simple to put on

I like the bottom of my bags to have some clear plastic to keep them clean 

Grandson, Jaxon loved it! 

He filled it with toys right away!

He asked his mom if they could use it to get groceries today!

It was a hit! 

Hope you're staying warm....this -30C is ridiculous!! 




  1. Love it! How long does it take you to make that bag??

    1. Not that long as it is the FOURTH time I have done this pattern! Could do it in my sleep now!


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