Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Arnold and I were feeling pretty special!!

Arnold's Aunty Annette lives 20 miles from us 
 we hardly get a chance to meet up...

Annette daughter, Colinda lives in Kauai 
Annette was visiting her at the same time we were in Hawaii 

The two of them hopped on a plane and came over to Maui to visit us!!

We picked them up and explored Maui for the day!!

We watched whales and had lunch in Kaanapali

Drove the coast to Paia for some dessert and coffee

It might seem like we ate our way through Hawaii.

We did.

When you are a farmer growing good food,

You want to eat good food!

The crepes looked so good at Cafe Des Amis we had to go back

 Strawberry crepes, pecan crepes!!

Colinda had banana and Nutella  

The waiter brought 5 crepes for 4 people.

We asked why the extra one??

I think Colinda showed him a little 'shoulder' but he said we had great smiles

Sorry about the bad picture but my bun was made with purple tarro root

Thought that was pretty cool as it is my favorite colour!!

It was such a nice visit!

These island hoppers are now off to Australia!!

Travelling must run in the family!!


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