Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pay It Forward Fun

There is nothing I love more than blue skies and palm trees
While sipping in the last of the sunshine 
(And maybe a beer or two)

I came up with plan for what to do with our beach chairs 

I would give them to someone with the stipulation to text me a picture of the fun they are having

I wrote the instructions on the arms

 Included my blog and phone number

 I bombarded my candidate....they had just arrived as we were leaving. 

They were exhausted but took on the challenge!

When we landed in Regina my phoned dinged!

My first PIF!!

(Pay It Forward picture)

Thanks to Seth and Sarah Milchman of Washington,D.C.

It just made my heart smile to see this picture! 

Looking forward to seeing how far this can go!! 




Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!