Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ringing in the New Year

We rang in the New Year with Mr and Mrs Harris
Jimmie and Chantelle
Jimmie is one of the racers we love to follow each summer. 
These two kids actually got married in Hawaii on February 14,2016
They celebrate their marriage with a great party 
It was a party with all the diehards we hang out at the races with!!

Todd&Mar Adams, Brent&Raelene Fieber, Arnold and myself


It was a great way to ring in the New Year!!


TODAY IS our grandson, Brayden's first birthday!! 

Chantel did an amazing job on the cake....
Look at all those cute farm animals!

They tasted as goood as they looked!! 

Brayden demolished his!! 

Happy Birthday, Brayden!

We love you! 


(Gma and Gpa Marcotte)


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