Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stars in the Night Sky

I spent the day doing Year end paper work as my tracker visible shows....
But I obviously am not going up to my sewing room enough...
It says I only did 2 flights of stairs!! 
I really should remedy that by trying to get up there more often per day!  
I had to wait for some reenforcements of Latitude fabric to continue with my Infinity project

Pleasant Pheasant Fabrics in Crosby, ND is having a huge sale right now


She has 40/60/80% off tons of fabrics.

We did our best to help her make room for the new stuff! 

So far I have only tackled the stars on my infinity Quilt

They seem to be the easier start on how to eat this elephant! 

The flying geese and checker boards will take a lot more thinking

I am not sure if I want to make it scrappy or calm it down and keep it more solid

I do know ......I am loving this line of fabric

I added some Thicket fabric with the black and white 

Decisions, decisions....


Procrastination....not sure which is more fitting! 



  1. I'm pretty sure you only climb those stairs once or twice but then stay there for hours (days?) at a time! I'm loving your your infinity quilt.

    1. You're right...that could be the problem! It's coming along....

  2. I'm loving your choices of fabric combinations on your stars. Great job, Christa.


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