Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Grand Turk

Last stop on the cruise was Grand Turk...

My plan was a beach day

How can you resist these blue waters and tan sand!!

There is not alot to do on this island anyways!!

I could not go home without putting my toes in the sand somewhere!!

What could be better than some ice cold Corona and limes!!

Every one else flew home after the cruise 
Arnold and I ventured out on our own

I love the signage for parking around Florida...

This was us!!

We saw one for tractor crossing but at 80MPH it's tricky to get a pic!!

We stayed at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando again.

One morning, I saw these two characters walking the golf course

I said Good morning, guys!!

They v-lined over...

Looking for snacks....

I tossed them some bread and next thing you know we had a party going on!!

We took a little trip over to  Blue Springs State Park to see some manatee

We even saw an alligator.... 

on the other side thank goodness!

There were 347 Manatee spotted the day we went!

They love the warm spring waters on cool mornings.

It was a beautiful warm day for a Canadian...

 to stroll on the board walk...

Deland is near this park so we HAD to go to the quilt shop!!

This shop is full of all kinds of projects...

Floor to ceiling!!

I may have to do another Laura Heine quilt one of these days!!

And I didn't buy a thing!!!!

Of course, a girl has to eat..

So we tried a little bistro called Byte

It was a fried green tomato sandwich with tempura green beans


And after...Yummy!!

We wandered the streets of this cute town taill we found dessert....

How to choose....

It all looked amazing...

We settled on some salted caramel toffee.

We had made some new friends from Ontario on the ship.

Carolann and Chris Jones

They have a house in Florida for the winter.

We met up with them on our last night in Orlando.

They took us to an interesting restaurant called Manny's Chophouse

It was jam packed 
the steak was delicous!!

It is themed as a roadhouse with all kinds of old vehicle parts and signs.

We went back to their house to meet the neighbours
play some cards.

If they lived closer,

 I think they would be over all the time playing cards.

Thanks for the fun, Carolann and Chris!!

It was a nice way to end our vacation!

When we flew home, the trees were frosty from the warmup.

Just as gorgeous as blue seas and sand!!

Can't beat our skies!

We are right into the thick of calving as we speak.

One of the heifers calved this afternoon. 

She is about 3 weeks early and the little tyke didn't make it.

Thus the saying....

If you have livestock...you have dead stock....

It can only get better from here!!


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Next Stop... St Thomas and San Juan

We had a busy four days as there was a stop every day!!

I think David and Loretta enjoyed this adventure..

By the next sea day,

 we were all looking forward to being towel people!

Marie and Peggy kept up like teenagers!!

One of my all time favorite ports is St.Thomas

Blue waters and white beaches...

St. Thomas was hit very hard with the hurricanes.

All these blue roofs are tarped still.

This was our driver's truck for taking us around this island.

I know some pups that would love it if I would do this to my truck!!

Riding in style!

Meagan's Bay is still beautiful but you can see all the tree tops are leafless!!

These pirates were ready for a looting a Mountain Top

When we got into town,

Loretta, Arnold and I went on the hunt for the best Margarita.

Arnold discovered a couple of pain killers 
we must admit it was pretty smooth!!

The evening was spent under the stars 
 some popcorn and a Coors
Arnold and Bill

Watching Wonderwoman on the open seas!!

The next morning was San Juan, Puerto Rico

Anita, Marie and Peggy toured the city,

while the rest of us 

Made Bill's dreams come true!!

He wanted to go to Senor Frogs

He twisted our arms and we made it happen!!

He had heard about our past with the 24" margarita

This is the first time I have seen the warning label!!

Needless to say....

We also 'enjoyed' this port!!

We did have a discussion about a rehab center.....

You only live once....