Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Skip Spring....Here's Summer!!

Well, the Weyburn Quit Show was fabulous!!

Justin and I had so much fun seeing all our quilting friends.

Everyone said they could see my new sign from the entrance.

We brought 130 different Fit for a Queen backs 
3 kinds of Quilter's Dream Battings

It was a color explosion!!

From Flannels to Cottons!!

It was great to see these two young fire crackers at the Quilt show!

Rose Van de Woystene and Sara Harder!!

They are still quilting up a storm with the Heart and Hands Guild of Estevan, Sk.
Sara is coming on 90!!

Thanks for bringing them, Eleenor!!

Then it was straight into seeding....

I was teasing how my GPS was working in the field...

Pretty straight lines for Girl Powered Steering!

The flax is in and almost finished the wheat....

I am hoping that the old wives tale of...

'Seed in the dust and your bins will bust, 

Seed in the mud and the crop will be a dud'

holds true as it was a hot mess of dust out there!!

Mom offered to make us some food 
I was never so happy to take her up on it...Bring water, PLEASE!!

With such amazing temps,

We held an impromptu bonfire with some friends....

Lucy was sure to make sure all chairs were going to be comfortable...

Dawson was so hot she hopped into the watering bowl...

It's a jack russell sized pool...

And if we were not busy enough....

One of Justin's new guilts decided to surprise us....

The Cattle cameras turned into Piggy cams....

She ended up with 8 little piggies!!

Baby pigs are so adorable!!

All are doing well!!

Back to the field....


Hoping to make it to The Prairie Piecemakers Quilt Show in Regina this weekend

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