Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Claudette's Quilt

I had the pleasure of seeing an INCREDIBLE crazy quilt!!
It was all hand done!!

This is Claudette's Quilt.

She was known for fabulous cross stitch and hand work throughout her life.

This quilt is filled with years of perfecting the art of embroidery.

Pictures will not do it justice....

But gives you an idea of the fabulous-ness...

There are 3 spiders and her webs on this quilt.

It is supposed to be good luck to have them on a crazy quilt!

There is every kind of embroidery you can think of on this quilt!

Cactii,wheat sheaves, pansies, roses...

Fabrics from any source...

All stitched together by hand...

Claudette may be gone...but not forgotten.

An ode to an incredible fellow quilter! 

Such inspiration!!

Claudette Dubreuil

August 17- 1944 ~ October 24, 2017

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  1. My first quilt was a crazy quilt made out of old denim. I made it in grade twelve and remember loving the unending choices of embroidery stitches. Through much use at university and after, it became a rag. The back was bandanas from the "5 to a Dollar" store in Wynyard, my home town. Perhaps seeing this has inspired me to do another one.


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