Friday, August 31, 2018

Ok.... I Lied....

Now that we are done combining.....

I have been trying to do a bit of sewing....

With the help of Lucy!!

Some of my sewing was a bit rushed....



This block is brought to us by  Border Creek Quilt Along

I am using a 10" layer cake of Laurel Birch Twilight.

I can get all the pieces I need for each block 
one square has to be pieced
(as seen in the middle right square).

That is what quilting is supposed to be about!!

This is what I have so far....

And like a crazy fool....

I am also doing a quilt in Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements.

How can one resist?

I am loving them both!!

Have an amazing long weekend!
I know I am going to!!


Monday, August 6, 2018

How Not to Move a Piano

I have been wanting to do a piano removal for about a YEAR now!!

No one plays it anymore and I have a sideboard I want to put there...

So today was THE day.

I was getting it out. 


Me and Justin

(even though I know that was not his plan for his day)

One  strong skinny kid and one fat mom.

I did as much as I could with fulcrums and trolleys.

But then I needed to recruit Justin.

We can do this. 


We got it half way out the door.

What is a farm girl going to do in a situation like this??

No strong men around. 

Arnold is out swathing.....

Get the tractor, Justin!!

I am happy to report the only casuality in this piano removal....
was this little trolley.

I guess it was not weight rated for 'PIANO'

We have been super busy with haying and harvest.

We managed to get 900 bales home before starting to combine!!

My word...September is going to be a 'free' month!!!

The wheat is ready....

Some has been combined

Hope to fill the bin!!

The bulls have been pulled from the pastures.

This one didn't think the quad should ride along with him!!


The heat has really been ON!!

We have been finding Dawson in her personal pool quite a bit.

Too bad the cattle waterer doesn't have jets!!

That hodge podge of a fence might just be a September project!!

I have tried to get back into my morning sewing
 at 6:30am
 so I can get a little therapy.

I think I was still sleeping when I put this block together!!

I am doing the Border Creek Quilt-along.

It's only 2 blocks a week....

I am using Laurel Birch's Twilight Layer cake.

I can get all the pieces out of one 10" square
 one 2 1/2" which I have to piece to make the 8th piece.

Isn't that what quilting is about any ways...


There are 42 blocks so this is perfect!

If only Lucy could sew for me!!

She is always trying to help me!!

And since I have soooo much time on my hands right now....

I figured I would also do the Quilt-along 
Tim Holtz Eclectic Element scraps

I know... I am crazy.....