Sunday, November 18, 2018

Animals of Festival 2018

Of on the farm....

I love animals!!

Susan Engler had this quilt in Houston.

Yup... this little cutie is a quilt!!

Lioudmila Malchow of Wyoming had an exhibit of her animals

These are all thread painting!!

So realistic!!

Pictures....especially mine....

do not do them justice!!

I loved the colors of the horses by Lorraine Turner of Florida

Her exhibit of these colorful wave crashing horses were beautiful!!

Amazing collage of fabrics

Oh the colors!!

And what better to go with the horses than saddles!!

Cathy Wiggins had an exhibit of saddles she had dismantles 
reconstructed using quilted leather she had manipulated!!

These are incredible works of art!!

In case you are a Game of Thrones fan...

Such detail!!

Cathy had a display of wall art two years ago at Houston
 it was great to see her progression in her quilting life!!


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