Thursday, November 1, 2018

Autumn Love Progress (part ii)

My favorite part of quilting is when things start coming together 

I have been loving the process of turned appliqué 

I just used fabric from my stash

I did have to buy orange.

That is just not a color I EVER buy!!

That's probably a good thing.... 

It's one color of fabric I can pass buy without purchasing

The Harvest corner blocks are beautiful!!

This quilt is nearly finished...

It always amazes me how you can get this ...

Out of a pile of this....

The end is in sight

And it always make me sad when I am nearly done.

It's like watching your favorite series on tv and when it's finished you feel lost!!

But there is another series on the horizon by @loriholts of #beeinmybonnet

It is called Farm Sweet Farm.

Can't wait!!

I am hoping to find it at Market in Houston this week!!

We are off to Market and Festival tomorrow!!

Blogging is tricky away from home 
if you are interesting in seeing the fun

 You can follow the adventure on Instagram 



Facebook -  Second Story Quilting

You never know who we may run into Houston!!

Last time we had the honor 
 Jenny Doan from Missouri Star sit with us for a bit!!

Let the fun begin!!


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