Monday, November 19, 2018

My First Hawaiian Quilt

And probably my last.....

I wanted to learn some needle turn techniques
I took a class with Lisa McAdams

She was really good and I am getting better every day.

I want to try a Baltimore Autumn Quilt one day... 

Stay tuned!!

I attended a couple of luncheons at Festival.

Judy Barrows of Square in a Square

She had a trunk show of antique quilts 
the stories behind them.

I found it very interesting. 

This was a political party quilt. 

The No Nothings party.

I think we have this Party running our country at the moment!!

These quilts looked new!!

This basket quilt was made with soldiers uniform scraps.

This quilt was so white and perfect condition....

Minus the hole in the middle from wearing in storage where it was folded!!

Judy also has a series of novels based on the family's history in the South.

I was hoping to see my Prince in Houston.


It was part of the 25 quilts in the Tribute Tour in Pasadena, CA

I met Cynthia Poko who was also was looking for her. 

Hers is the Crown Quilt

It was also in Pasadena, too!!

This year's Cherrywood Challenge is Bob Ross

Not sure I can tackle this one....but I bought the bundle.

Got my thinking cap!

Can I go three for three??



  1. There is no escaping Bob Ross. Whilst Christmas shopping I saw him on ever so many - way too many, that is - products.

  2. Replies
    1. This worked, Christa. THe issue must be in my Safari settings.


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