Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Stash Bash by Quilts and More

I have to say I really enjoy Instagram. 

It’s such an easy and quick fix of inspiration 

I took a class on how to fit social media in your life with out it ruling your world. 

You scroll through the feeds quickly
Only stopping on what really catches your eye 
It’s amazing what you can absorb in only a few minutes of surfing. 

Quilts and More are hosting a fun little Stash Bash on Instagram. 

Each day they ask for a different picture post regarding your stash

Day 1 off your stash

This is my crayon box!

I try to stick to what can fit in this old pie cupboard 

Backing and precuts are not in here 
For the most part... this is it!!

Day 2....color you have most of know me if you say blue or brown!! 

Mostly batiks too!!

Day 3...fabric that is YOU 

I am probably going to have to go with blue/brown batiks!! 

If you are on Instagram

Check out #QAMStashBash

31 days of Stash-alicious!

It’s been fun to see others stash! 

I am @christamarcotte on IG


  1. I'm flabbergasted! Seeing pictures of the bags of fabric that make their way to your home I thought your stash would be MUCH bigger. I guess that speaks to the volume of quilts and projects you make. I guess I can't feel so smug that my stash is two chest of drawers (more or less). You continue to amaze me.

  2. I always have guilt thinking I have WAY too much but after seeing some of the stashes on this Bash....I am doing just fine. I do make a lot of things and am torn between showing them on my blog as it may seem overwhelming yet it is what I do and LOVE doing! You have not been privy to all my fabric creations!! Yet my list just doesn’t get shorter! I think you are equally pumping things out!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!