Sunday, January 13, 2019

Stashtastic by Doug Leko

This was a kit that Doug Leko was so kind to put together for a class I took in Houston

It is his new book, Stashtastic.

Doug’s company is called Antler Designs.

Each pattern has a scrappy and organized version. 

The fabric in this little kit is from Three Sisters
GE Designs provided the little arrows for marking your ruler. 

I finally got to making this sample.

I decided to make it a little baby quilt. 

It was the perfect size to play with machine quilting. 

Practice makes perfect 

and I sure need practice!

I had just enough minky in this plaid left to back it! 

It’s a perfect little girls quilt!

It’s on its way to a little sweetie as we speak!

Thank you to Doug Leko for his book and rulers! 

Love it! 



  1. What a sweet little quilt! I received one of Doug's Simple Folded Corners rulers for Christmas, and wow, what a difference in how my points are turning out. I do need to find some of the little stick-on arrows to mark my cutting lines.

    1. They are very helpful! There are two sizes now! A mini and a regular size!!

  2. Looks perfect to me. The quilt and the quilting are great!


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