Saturday, June 29, 2019

Triaxial Weaving

With haying season nearly in full swing...

My time is limited for fun stuff like sewing. 

I recently watch a video on Youtube with Mister Domestic
weaving fabrics.

You can watch the basic weaving here....

I really wanted to try the Triaxial weaving 

  butwith ribbon instead of strips of fabric.
( time is limited...)

I drew out my grid...

Laid down some fusible interfacing with the rough side up...

Started to add my first color...


My second colour....

Coming together...

And Voila!!

I had tumbling blocks!!


When I went to fuse it to the interfacing 

it tried to melt!!

So I just stitched around it and then lightly pressed on the backside.
I think this will be a cute pouch!!


Let's see if I can do the kalidescope weave!!

Give it a try!!


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Kitten Season

This is about the time you start seeing some wild kittens around the farm.

If you are lucky 
you have leather gloves on...

You might be lucky enough to catch a couple of cutie pies 
tame them down a bit!!

You can see how impressed they are in being captured...

These two were a little distracted by all the action in the chicken fence!

See the little guy behind the red rooster??

He doesn't know if he should be eating grass 

He is as soft as the new gooslings!!

Nothing like a few snuggles from some new kittens!!

On the quilting front...

It's been a slow go on the Summer Sampler.

I can't believe June is nearly over!! 

Where is my time going??

Here are a few of the blocks...

I have about 5 to go...

I am doing both the 12" and 6" version at the same time

I can't wait to see the mini version together!!

This FQ pack called Spectrum by V and Co. is not my colorways


I am pushing through...

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Stay tuned....


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Barn Block Giveaway

I think Summer is here!
My patio is ready for a few margaritas with some friends!!

I love the punch of color my new Barn Block gives the back deck!

This new addition comes 


This is a new company by Brenda Gibbs of Saskatoon.

She was kind enough to donate a small block for our quilt show last week!

Our lucky winner was Audrey McMurchy

Each backyard quilt block is made of lightweight aluminum 
 keeps its saturated colors for years to come. 

 Each quilt is made of aluminum composite.

 UV resistant ink is used in the printing process. 

 After 24 hours, each square is laminated.  

This is how signs are made for the local potash mines! 

 Therefore, this process is durable and hardy for the prairie climate! 

To hang...
 Use outdoor velcro to attach to a flat surface. 

That is how I hung mine!

drill holes in each corner and either use washer and screw or zip ties whatever works best. 

Just check out her site if you would love one for your yard!

Brenda has many beautiful designs to choose from!

You can find her blocks at

Brenda can also be followed 


@quiltdesignsintheyard and #backyardquilt

She has kindly offered to do a giveaway for a small barn block!

If you want a chance to win one of her amazing blocks,

Just check out her site 
comment which one would look amazing in your yard!

We will pick a random winner on Friday 
mail it to you!!

Go check her out!!


Monday, June 17, 2019

Another Quilt Successful Quilt Show

Summer's here! 

Nothing like a freshly washed quilt hanging in the sun to dry!

We have been waiting patiently for rain!!

I finally hung my rain chain and love how it worked...

even if it was just sprinkling of rain.

Our quilt show went off with out a hitch!

We had 160 people join us for a great day!

You can read the details over 


Thank you to everyone who came!

No show is complete with out someone to take it in!!


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Summer Medallion Progress

Even if it's not as much PROGRESS as I was hoping for...
I would love to do more sewing 


life keeps getting in the way!!

The last of the wheat has been loaded and off to Quebec!

The heifers were cattle driven to their summer pasture...

Mom came for an adventure on our little cattle drive.

It was amazing how many wild flowers are blooming out on native prairie!!

Summer Medallion 

Here are a few of the blocks I have so far...

I am doing both the 12" and 6" blocks at the same time

Not sure if I will combine them 

or make a mini and a large quilt

These are not my usual colors

 But I am going to keep pushing through!

I find it tricky when you are working outside your comfort zone in color.

I am never sure if I put the right combos together!

Time will tell!