Thursday, July 18, 2019

Three for Three...Who Knew!!

Last November, 

I picked up the challenge fabric for Cherry wood Challenge 2019.

When I picked up this roll at International Quilt Festival,

All I could think of was 'What the Heck?!!?!?!'

Can I do this three times in a row???

My response....NO!!

These are not colours I ever would be drawn to, that's for sure!!

I had entered Cherrywood Challenge 2017 - Van Gogh

Blue.... How could I go wrong?

My piece made it in the book and traveled the world!!

2018 was purple and the theme was Prince the Singer

My Prince is still travelling the world!!

Purple...Love it!!

So when it was Bob Ross....

I figure this is where the train ride ended!!

I did a bunch of surfing the net.

I had no idea where I was going to go with this.

Then I saw a picture on Pinterest of a T shirt with Bob Ross on it. 

The site was

I figured I would give this one a try. 

The colors were pretty psychedelic 


would probably work with this bundle!

It's the farthest thing from perfect.....

I decided to add some trees and water around 'Bob' since that was his passion!

My mom is a painter so I remember well all his 'happy little trees'....

There was no white and you could not add other fabrics,


 I thread painted his teeth.

I wanted the letters to look brush stroked so I did them as well.

I sent in my submission.....

along with 407 other eager/crazy quilters

I made the cut with 200 other finalists!!

Nine Quilters were from Canada.

August 1, 2019 ...they announce the top place winners 
arrange in groups for the quilts to tour!!

I will keep you posted!

What the Heck!!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Sisters Weekend

Not Sisters, Oregon!!
Although it's on the bucket list!!
This is the real sisters....

Tannis, Christa, Larissa
Mom and I headed out to Calgary for the weekend. 

Not to the Stampede....

Image result for calgary stampede logo

I have my own Stampede around here every day!

Calgary has always been our 'first' home.

Only Dad was not born in Calgary!!
He is our Saskatchewan connection 
 Weyburn is his hometown!

Always love heading to the Mountains!

My niece, Kate works for Easter Seals

They were putting on a fundraiser with Jann Arden!!

It was held at their Camp Easter Seals in Bragg Creek.

When my sister, Larissa found out we were going 
she was still going to be in England, she was sad.

She wanted to fly home but we told her to just enjoy the vacay your on!!

So we came up with the plan on how to include her in the fun!

We were not sure what mood she would be in...

So we printed off a few different feelings...

"You said what?? Larissa"

'Did you say Cheese??'

'Getting down to business...Larissa'

Putting on the Ritz...Larissa

The fun started once Larissa arrived...

at Tannis'

We made sure to include her in a little happy hour....

Then we hit the big town!!

We visited one of our favorite aunts....

Aunt Julie is a phenomenal artisan.

There is nothing she hasn't tackled and made it fabulous!

Then off to see my uncle who has been very sick this winter.

Next it was brunch with Jann Arden 

with Mom, Tannis, Aunt Michelle 

The Brunch was alot of laughs and great food!

The food and drink were all donated by various professionals.

The mimosas and Caesars were donated by Motts Clamato.

Loved how there was gluten free, vegan and full fat donuts



Jann was so good to pose for a picture with Paper Larissa!!

It was a great girls weekend. 

Need to do this more often....

Maybe Larissa can be there in person next time!!

Thanks for the fun!


Monday, July 1, 2019

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! 

True North strong and free!!