Sunday, August 11, 2019

Where did the month go??

I suggest you get a drink and possibly a snack..

It's been a while since I last blogged.


 Really how do the days fly by like this??

It is already harvest. 

I came home from the artisan cabin at Kenosee Lake 
went straight into the tractor!!

Most of the bales are hauled in....

Till I had TWO tires blow out!!

The wheat is swathed and waiting to be picked up!!

I always love going to Moose Mountain Artisan Cabins.

I enjoy my time visiting with the resident artists.

They are Margaret Delainey and Shirley Rumble who are painters
Ken Frederickson who is a Bronze artist.

Well worth checking out!!
My cabin rotates out each week so there is always a new surprise!

It always interesting who the people you meet are.

This year, one lady happened to be my husband's teacher in 1971-72!!

Miss Hanna now Mrs. Cousins

Others were from Hungary and Australia! 

Thanks to my girlfriends for the picnic lunch on Sunday!

It was a nice visit!

I brought some of my favorites to hang this year. 

These two are pattern by Joanne Hoffman of South Dakota

My Zebra was a picture I saw on pinterest using some b/w and w/b fabrics

I love my Tula Pink Butterfly

Every one was in awe of Terry Whitman's quilting!!

Alaska by Laundry Basket quilts...

I finished my Lakeside Sampler by Annemarie Chany

I used Stonehenge gradation fabric for the sand and water!

My Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge was back from it's vacation around the world!!

If this quilt could talk!!

This is the most peaceful place to sew...

Until around 11:30am when the campers start to surface!

I was loving my new notion by Clover. 

It is  a roller for pressing seams. 

No iron needed!!

It stormed one afternoon....

Forcing Arnold and Shirley Rumble to take their cards inside.

Nothing slows these two down in a heated game of crib!

I also got some headway on my Jacqueline De Jong quilt 

Even the scraps are pretty...

Arnold treated us all with some ice cream from the dickie dee bike

We are very lucky to have the little artisan cabins 
the Visitor Center at Kenossee Lake.

The gardens are so beautiful!

We just don't make buildings like we used to.

Now to regularly schedualed programming...



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