Sunday, November 17, 2019

Vegas Time

Well... I went straight from Retreat to Regina!!

Justin had injuried his hand with a post pounder 
required surgery last Sunday night!!

But that did not slow our week down!!
Three truckers showed up on the same day to be loaded.

Then it was time to preg check the cows....

It was only -25C that morning!!

You can bet we had some hot paws in our mitts that day!!

And if that was not enough....

I had two flat tires on the bale hauler!!!!!!!!

I asked the dogs to give me a hand 
the most they could do was warm the tire up!!

We worked like dogs but we knew we had a surprise trip planned!!

Freezing rain didn't keep up from hitting the road...

To catch our plane...

To Vegas, Baby!!


We has planned this trip back in May for Arnold's 60th Birthday!!

It has always been one of his favorite places.

Thank you to our friends from Ontario, Bill and Terri 
 completing the surprise!!

It was a good time!!

Terri, Arnold and I each put 20$ in a dollar machine on Freemont Street

We won 1500$ on one spin!!

We split the total winnings after the casino took 450$ for taxes 
walked away with 500$ each!!

Great way to start a vacation!!

It's a good thing they pump oxygen in the casinos
 we always hit the ground running.

How can't you when you go from -25 to +25C

We rented a car 
headed to Zion National Park in Utah!!

It was only 2 hours away 
such a beautiful drive!

The way the landscape changes in such a short span always impresses me!!

We stopped to check out this rock quarry....

Of course I bought myself a blue rock!!

These were sold by the pound 
 I was pushing it as we had only 2 pounds left in our suitcase.

I almost had to check another bag!

At St. George, Utah

 we stopped to check out the LDS Cathedral 
it was closed for repairs.

It was also a good thing it was a Sunday....

There were 10 Quilts stores but they were all closed!!

I needed nothing anyways...or at least that's what I told myself.

Justin always does research on the best places to eat.

He had quite a list this time!!

First up was Chef Richard Blaise....

He has a new restaurant called the Crack Shack

His custom made soda was delicious!

This was citrus/acia

It was so refreshing!!

Chicken was the game at this place!

This was a half order!!

Thank god we were sharing!

Each order has this little card with it,
what real farm raised chicken was supposed to be like

It was delicous!

They did such a good job on the decor as well!

Loved the community farm sink!!

A couple on the plane told us to check out

The Hash House a-go-go Restuarant

It was all farm themed

And the portions were ridiculous!!

This was Arnold's breakfast AFTER he ate all he could!!

Justin and I always share...

Thank goodness as our Chicken and Waffles were also a monster portion!!

My hot chocolate was a full litre of milk!!!

Justin also wanted to eat at Chef Tom Colicchio's Steak House

That was THE biggest steak I have ever had.


I couldn't eat 5oz of it!!

We didn't eat much after that...

Arnold and I shared most every thing from that point on!!

We always love to check out each resort to see what they have that's new...

So the miles of walking began...

I was almost in need of a wheel chair as my knee was killing me!!

I would not have been to proud to have taken them up if they had found one!!

I have always loved the coloured tornadoes water feature...


This colourful tree was by Caesars...

The Bellagio has a conservatory that changes all the time.

Doesn't this just scream...make me into a quilt??!?!

It was an East Indian themed flower explosion!!

The Wynn Hotel was getting ready for Christmas

These displays were also covered in coloured flowers
this Carousel turned!!

The white and gold villages were beautiful!!

I wanted to see the BODIES Exhibit at the Luxor

 I figured I might get a grasp on my knee pain if I understood the body better.


I had to go by myself... too creepy for Justin and Arnold!!

We also went to see Florida Georgia Line at Planet Hollywood!!

It was a fabulous getaway after a long and trying harvest,
 that's for sure!!

Good times....


Ps. Justin's hand is doing well!!

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