Friday, January 3, 2020

Brayden's Birthday Book

Well, Today is this little Rodeo Clown's Birthday!!
Brayden is 4 years old! 

Where does the time go??

Seems like yesterday he was this big...

Justin came up with a fabulous gift for him this year!

Justin takes amazing quirky pictures.

Brayden always asks if he can see my 'perk-chers' on my phone.

He LOOOOVES animals as much as we do.

Justin put an album together for him to look at any time he wants!!

So there are some of family 

a bit of farming...

But he really wants to see the critters...

Like little Gingy 

who thinks he's really a feathered friend

The baby chicks...

Baby geese...

Baby piggies...

Who are now big piggies...




Pasture crocus

This one was chosen by Ministry of Agriculture for their Thank You card

No farm with cows
 complete unless there is at least on Border Collie!


Every good farm has a really old horse...


And some local antelope just for fun!!

I think he is going to love this gift!!
(otherwise known as the Grandma with the puppies)

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  1. What a great gift for a four year old. Far better than an item from the store. I may have to steal the idea for my grandchildren.


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