Friday, January 10, 2020

Ice Castles Gone Wrong

I was so excited to make this next quilt.

I usually do a Quiltworx quilt at least once a year.

I do love paper piecing so this is not my first kick at the can!

But as I finished the first diamond sections, 

I realized something was really OFF!!

I put this away as I started it at a retreat a year ago.

This week,

 I thought I had enough brain power left to tackle this PROBLEM

I had already cut all my fabrics so I was locked into it.

Too far gone to turn back now. 

I had read the legend all wrong.

This was alot of my Bali fabrics from our trip.

So I just started turning the fisr wrong blocks 
 I thought I had a new game plan.

Each new set of diamonds had to be individual planned out to use what I had cut.

Who knew there were so many possibilities?!?!

In the end, this is what my HUGE center star is going to be.

Now to reorder new Paper piecing papers 
 I can do it the right way next time!!



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