Friday, January 10, 2020

In the Land of Sun and Sand

There is nothing better than vacationing in Florida when the weather is -30 C at home

Arnold and I went to the Wandering stitches quilt shop today.

In Orlando, Florida!

I love when a store has the same quilt in different colour ways! 
Each quilt was quilted in a different pattern so a great way to sample what that store can offer!

It was surprising when the owner asked where we were from

We said Saskatchewan. 

No one knows where that is! 

But she was from Saskatoon!!

Her husband and her run the wandering stitches! 

They were also a Bernina dealer

I have been wanting a bigger hoop for my embroidery machine

I love all the possible 3D things you can make

But at 500$ I am going to have to make do with what I have!

This morning we met a couple from England. 
They are doing 14 days at the Disney parks!!

She had a friend who was ready to crawl in her back pack for some snacks!

Soaking up the sun! 
Will try to blog from here but no promises! 

Stay warm at home! 


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