Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Red Paperclip Morning

Well... it was actually a blue paperclip....

Which I traded for this little number.

My freind was going to reset a furnace and pulled out this little pin and I gasped!!

So I explained how someone had stitched this tiny work of art!!

So I traded it for a paperclip.

 Will this trade be my RED PAPERCLIP??

The saga continues......

So it was a day at Western Canadian Agribition in Regina,Sk for Arnold, Justin and I
From Horse Pulling Events.....

  Old grain cleaning machines...

I could really use one of these....

The guy said it was slow but I said I have more time than money!!

There were some pimped out MacDon swathers and all the lastest in livestock equipment.

I have an artic cat quad (my hired hand) which I can't live without


can you imagine the looks on the cows faces if I showed up with this thing!!

That would put a whole new meaning to 'I like to Move it, Move it!'

Arnold and Justin weren't as impressed as I was.

I actually think I saw fear in their eyes for the fun in mine.

Mom... you need to show Dad this 'cat' and you both could hit the desert!

Dad can ride shotgun!!

These little tykes were so good.

 Even Justin commented on how well mannered they were.

Then it was a stop by Shelby Love's for a drive-by drop off and some more cookies.

Happy Birthday to Shelby today!!!

This was hanging in Shelby's entrance. It reminds me of my Fabric Fusion quilt.

Just love the colors.

It was made by a Love family member.

Then a quick stop at Lowe's to gather some paint chips....

for Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt which starts tomorrow.

As usual...

 RAIN in November 

Which then turned to snow for a nice and treacherous drive home!

Is there any other way to complete an adventure in Saskatchewan??

Home safe,


ps. Thanks, Shelby for the offer of a room for the night!!
With every room booked in Regina, you could have asked a premium!!!

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