Sunday, February 10, 2013

You are My Sunshine...

I was singing that tune yesterday!

Don't get me wrong..

.Frost is gorgeous

But my internal SOLAR charged batteries are running low!!

The sun was shining
I had the pleasure of a road trip with some great quilting friends

 to Minot, North Dakota.

Our first stop was lunch to energize for the full day!!

This painted horse was outside the restaurant.

The horse is beautiful but look at that BLUE sky!!

There are a couple of painted horses around Minot.

Amazing artistry!

Our first stop was Prairie Rose Quilt Shop.

We helped Irene Roy stock up on some much needed fabric.

maybe we also bought a swatch here and there....

I am sure that 'need' and 'want' have the same definition in the quilter's handbook.


You WANT that fabric right now...

so we buy it for the day we will NEED it!! 

It's just a timeline technicality.

Just go with that!!

There was lots of inspiration for the upcoming seasons

I have always loved Carmen's cutting counter!

Can't you see this in your local general store way back when??

Next stop was Bernina where Colleen Marcotte and I must have wished upon this star..

We found fabric we needed and thought we would never see again!!

It was such a good day!!

With a quick stop at Joanne's, The Vac/Sew store and Maggie's Stain Glass

where this mosaic cow head was hanging,

we were on our way home!!

We made mighty good use of time considering we were 6 quilters!

It was a really nice day.

Now that we are stocked up for awhile, it's time to settle in and get ready for calving.

These heifers are the first candidates.

They think they are in the corral for spa treatment.

Boy, aren't they in for a shock!!



  1. I discovered your blog indirectly only after returning from a road trip with my DS heading to Moose Jaw from eastern Canada. Since I was only the navigator, I didn't get to call the shots for stops and shops but I just knew that I was missing some good quilt shop sightings. Maybe next time but for now I will live vicariously through your travels.

    1. Next time you are going this way, just ask!! I will tell you all the great ones. Our little group gets around a large radius of our area. Our group blog is where we usually tell about our happenings!! Enjoy!

  2. I hope Irene calls us again soon so we can do another road trip. Well, I'm off to clean our toilets!!!

    1. When you're done, come over and do mine as well as clean my kitchen!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!