Sunday, March 17, 2013

Quilts and Kayaks


No responsibility will be taken for numb bums!!

Before we start....

Get a BIG cup of coffee and a comfy chair!!!
(this is picture heavy!!)

Due to the Blizzard AGAIN.....

 Minot,ND had to be put off till Worldwide Quilt Day!!

Look at that dog...sneaks into EVERY SINGLE picture!!

Stop One:

Quick visit with the Wednesday Girls who were having a sewing day.

Gave a quick lesson on how to comment on blogs,


a snapshot of Colleen Winter's Baltimore Autumn Block 1

Completely needle turned..even the little berries!!


This was my first attempt at block one... and for sure my last with this project!!

I will be using Heat and Bond!!

Stop 2:

 Minot Quilt Show ~ What a Hoot!

It was really hard to get good pictures with poor lighting
 the exhibits hanging so close together.

Best of Show

The stitching was amazing...

Daisies and pebbles...


I noticed the trend was super heavy quilting on most of the quilts.

Some of my favorites....

Nickle Quilt....

These YoYo's were darling....

Brenda King needs to make this to go with her beach bag!!

I thought Tracey Holzer would have admired this Star!!

This was "Ted's Coffin Liner"....

Cross Stitch and Quilting

It was a wedding gift from her mother-in-law and took her 36 years to complete.

Her husband joked he'ld never see it done 
it would probably line his coffin someday!!

This little piece was thread painted flowers

  The detail was fabulous...Justin pointed this one out to me!!

There was an exhibit of mini quilts which perked my interest

since Tracey Holzer and I are participating

 in The Quilt Gallery's 'Dreaming of Spring' Exchange

These were works of art....

How cute is this?

Pat Speth was their Trunk Show Quilter.

She had a showing of Nickle Quilts.

There was a flea market...

which the only thing I sadly left behind was this mini Singer.

There were 12 vendors which I reserved myself to just a couple of purchases

I think I know a little bambino on the way that needs a farm inspired quilt!! cute!!

A Growth Chart....

Some pins and pads of paper..

And for the banner...

a little 'Duetz' tractor and some flowers...

I know... I know.. not JD but squint and it could be!!

Stop 3:

The Mall

Where Justin purchased these 5 toed shoes with socks to match...

Stop 3: 


To do some Garage research but look what was on sale!!


Goes perfectly with Justin's shoes!!

Any of my friends will attest

to the fact that a quilting excursion(or any for that matter) with me
take you down paths you did not expect!!!

Now bring summer on!!!



  1. Thank You for the beautiful quilt show! Oh how I wish we had lots of snow!! I think our snow days are past, southern Ohio is getting snow today, but here in central...nada!!
    I have noticed that a lot of quilts have heavy quilting. I think it makes it too stiff for me. I like to snuggle down in my quilts.
    Have a Happy St. Patty's Day!

  2. I think the super heavy quilting is done merely to impress show judges. Not a quilt I would want to sleep under though! Thanks for my chuckle of the morning the Coffin Liner 36 year quilt. Makes my 16 year wedding quilt seem like a youngster - though it's not finished yet, hopefully this year. Thanks for a great quilt show review. Your photos were great!

  3. Well, it looks like I missed a good show. 36 years! Wow!

    1. It was but a tad claustrophobic with the quilts hung so tightly together. They need a bigger room and better lighting!!

  4. Great start to the morning with a big cup of coffee & my favorite blog! I need to make a quilt of parkas and snowboots, not bikinis and flip flops. :o)
    Love the farm fabrics ... my grandson is "half farmer" so I keep an eye out for fabrics like that too. I own that mini-Singer ... found it at our local thrift store (Rainbow Recyclers) for $6. Finally, we were once in Paducah and the museum had a show of miniature quilts. The works were exquisite and way beyond my chubby fingers even with my PP skills.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!