Monday, April 29, 2013

Moose Jaw Quilt Show

If only there was two of each of us...
(although that would be down-right-dangerous)
Since we had to miss Moose Jaw's Show to be in Glendive, Mt this weekend...
My live correspondent, Shelby Love covered it for us!!
I don't know all the details...
actually any of them...
but none the less.....
 it is always great to see what works of art we missed!!
How about this car?!!?!
I think I have an orphan block of each of these!
Think Arnold would mind if I made a blanket for the car??
This Deep Sea Adventure is incredible!
 We were blessed with a look at it, up close and personal, 
at Heather Grover's Shop, Quilter's Palette
when we came home from Oprah!!

Amazing 3D effects.... definitely deserved a ribbon!!


Love these falling leaves.....
And it looks like it was also hand stitched with falling leaves...

There is nothing like a Crabapple  Hill quilt....
At first glance,
 I thought this might have been Jane Marcotte's but after a closer look it's not!
But equally impressive work!!

Such detail...

A Bella Verona....
on my list of 'some day'...
Some amazing paper piecing...tiny spikes!!

A little 30's Applique...

Love how this  green quilt radiates our from the center....

Some great quilting on that quilt, too!!

Shelby asked if she should take some, all or no pictures for me...
I said take pictures of what you think I would love.
Great job...I loved them all!!
Thank you to Shelby Love for covering the show!!
Looks like we missed a great show!!
Guess we can't be everywhere...all the time!!
Christa and Shelby

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Makoshika Quilt Show in Glendive, Montana... Part I

The weather was incredible...
Yup...that says 70 degrees at 6pm yesterday!!!
The friendship was amazing.....
Tracey,Theresa,Chris,Colleen,Terry, Lori,and Christa

Each of us could be found sitting outside as much as possible over the two days...

There was even talk of planting flowers....
These two agreed!!

We stopped at Quilts and More in Sidney,MT
The Enchanted Room in Glendive,MT

There was inspiration everywhere I looked....

There were some new and interesting vendors at the quilt show this year.
This was 'Feathers and Cranks'.....

I was very intrigued with this self powered, well designed little machines...

The cases were gorgeous and a work of art in themselves!!

Colleen gave them a try and was quite impressed.
Eight layers of fabric and it purred through with ease.
A possible contender to collect some day!!
The Featherweights were equally impressive and interesting!
Singer only made this color for one year!!
There was the '183 Button Co.' from Minot, ND....
The Home of Well-loved Buttons....
Can you believe she was an IRS worker and retired to sell buttons?

Buttons from the Czech Republic....

French Buttons......

Buttons from Europe......

Even Asian Buttons!!!
I loved these patterns....
One was a painter and the other a quilter.
The painting is turned into a quilt pattern and offers a series of season wallhangings.

Their workmanship was stunning...

This poppy pattern was made into a large bed quilt.

These acorns were so cute!!

Some puppy inspiration.....

 This kaleidoscope was so colorful

I definitely want to try some of these blocks one day.
You would swear it was a one piece medallion
 it is actually 10 pieces of the same repeat sewn together.

I loved this quilt but it was hard to get a good picture as it was behind a pole.
Maple leaves in the USA!

This vintage quilt was so simple and yet so beautiful.
When it was time to pack and head home,
we were told that we had won some Viewer's choice ribbons in the medium quilt category.

Terry, Christa, and Pat Jones
Terry's Forgotten Barn won 1st place...

Pat Jones had 2nd with her change up on the Cattails, making them into irises!!

and I got 3rd with my Cattails
That was a really nice way to end the day!!
I will share the finds on my next post...
It's off to Minot,ND today!!


Friday, April 26, 2013

The Makoshika Quilt Show AND Scrap Squad Friday

It's another Friday...
That means it is
QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Annes Mandarin Express
Today's version is brought to you by Anne Wiens
anne QM Scrap Squad: Annes Mandarin Express
who just happens to be from Montana.
That is where our guild is headed today for the Makoshika Quilt Show!!
Stay tuned for a post on our Road Trip...
Click here to see the inspiration behind Anne's Mandarin Express 
GEDC1312 1024x768 QM Scrap Squad: Annes Mandarin Express
Also on our group blog, Tracey has some great pictures of her 'Stars" quilt.
Be sure to head on over - The Block Party Guild
It's worth the read!!
If you are staying in the Province, be sure to take in the Moose Jaw Quilt Show.
It's always a great time also.
A couple of years ago,
 I was blessed with winning the The Quilt Patch's 'Fabric for a Year' drawing at their store.
That was an exciting day...
still haven't used the fabric....It's in a special box!
Montana .....
here we come!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walk in the Park

Would be great....
If there wasn't 4' of snow everywhere...
This will have to do....
This project has made it to many retreats but never saw daylight.
I started it at our retreat in January FINALLY
was making great progress till I ran out of black...
After some searching I found some that will do
 it was back out of the box!
It was a mess of pieces to organize again!!

I started in the center and worked my way around...

Before I knew it, I was ready to bind.
I have never bound such sharp inside corners and definitely need a lesson....
or TEN on that!! 

I kept the quilting simple with just a small stipple in the white
'stitch in the ditch' around the knots.

I am still not sure why it made one extra block.
Maybe it was a test block?!?!
So I put it on the back.

One more project bites the dust!!
Good thing as there are only 8 weeks to our quilt show!!
Torquay, Saskatchewan
June 29th and 30th,2013