Saturday, April 6, 2013

All in a Name..

On my way to check cows this morning,
 I noticed what a high traffic path it was to the corrals.
Everyone has left their signature in the mud.....
For the past couple of days
 I have been working on labels and hanging sleeves for the quilts
 to go to the Glendive Quilt Show this week.
A label is your signature on a quilt.
I really love how Kristyne over at Pretty by Hand stitched her label for her quilt.
So I thought I would give it a try but my stitching needs some work...
Then I tried the micro tip permanent marker.....
and scrap blocks to surround the label....

It works but still not hitting the mark!

I noticed Nicole from the Scrap Squad had stitched her label with machine.

I know mine can do that too so I tried it....

Better but I think I need to look at some other options down the road.
My new rule for myself ...
 make the label BEFORE the quilt.....
that way it will be ready to put on!!


  1. We do learn as we go don't we? You'll get it the way you want it sooner or later. Enjoy the show.

  2. I like to choose an appropriate script on the computer, write the information, and then run fabric ironed to freezer paper through the printer. I heat set it with my iron and it lasts really well. I like your idea of making the label first.

    1. That's how I used to do it but my new printer sucks it in so fast it makes accordion paper out of it!! I liked that way!I may have to try the purchased paper/fabric and see if it likes that better!

    2. Another thing you can do is make it up on the computer, print it on paper, and then transfer it to fabric via permanent pen using a light box (in my case, it being taped to a southern window when the sun is shining).

  3. I always enjoy your quilting stories and pictures as well as the ones from the farm. Loved your signatures in the mud! They tell quite a story!

  4. I agree, make the label before the actual making of the quilt, then it would be done.

  5. I love the machine quilted label and all the prints in the mud! Hopefully I can figure out this comment thing!


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