Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gathering of the Guilds

It's been a busy week!!
On Tuesday, I had to pull this little tyke as his mom was having trouble.
He was still steaming!!
It's his mom's first baby.
Doesn't he look like Don Cherry's dog....only cuter!!
Wednesday was the bulls doctor's appointment in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

 Good to go for another season!!
The Weyburn Crocus Quilter's had a 'Gathering of the Guilds' Meeting.
There was lots of show and tell!!
An Applique class project...
Jaynie had another work of art...
should have gotten closer....
Here was the tree with it's braided trunk and bits of fabric for foliage and flowers.
Incredible creativity!!!

Lots of UFOs being completed for their team challenges....
 Some pinwheels and piano keys from the Stoughton Girls...

My favorite color, of course...

Colleen Winter's showed her redwork and a couple other pieces for the Estevan Guild.
Charlene had a flying geese baby quilt....

Terry finished her Ombre Jelly roll for National Quilt day....

 that was the back of this quilt!!!!

Stunning colors!!
Thanks to the  Weyburn Quilt Guild for inviting us for a fun evening!!
Today was our regular quilting day for our guild.
Narrie HAND quilted her nickel quilt.

Awesome job, Narrie!!
Terry had brought this little mini she had made a few years ago. 

Each leaf was smaller than a toonie!!
Now I need to get some sleeves on some quilts for the Glendive Show!!
The clock is ticking...



  1. Yes, MUCH cuter than Don Cherry's dog! It's amazing that they actually steam when freshly born, isn't it? And look at those long eyelashes. :)

    1. He is definitely a cutie pie!! Thanks for reading!

  2. I was wondering...How do they check those bulls anyway???!!!

    1. I will bring you along next time! You will definitely need some Disorrono!!

  3. Glad you posted everything here. Loved reading it all.

    1. I didn't post EVERYTHING... I left some for Jill or you to post when you get home!! It was a fun evening...thanks for including us!


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