Saturday, April 13, 2013

Migrating Geese...Inside and Out!!

The geese have been migrating back SLOWLY

They are in as much shock as my 'snowbird' parents!!

 I have also been working on my Migrating Geese quilt.

This was a class  hosted by our guild last year at this time.

It's been pieced for sometime but I finally got to quilting it this weekend.

It still needs to be stretched as it is as wavy as the flying geese

I was working on it this morning when Justin asked me to go to Radville, Sk for an auction sale.

I said no.

But then I thought about how many times he has waited for me at quilt shops.....

I tell you ...

it was not a nice day to be outside!!!

But it is always interesting to see the old tractors

and firetrucks??


Seems like every couple of auctions, a farmer has acquired their own firetruck.

This one didn't come from far!!

Mint condition and only 20,000 miles, too!!

We couldn't even imagine hauling grain in this covered grain wagon.

I think it went for more money than when it was brand new!!!

 I am braving the possible storm to go see an old girlfriend named Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah used to come to my house everyday at 3pm for coffee for 25 years.

She never knew how much she brightened each day


brought the outside world into my remote existence.

My kids knew it was 'my' time for that hour each day.

I am sure Arnold was sick of hearing me say 'On Oprah today....'.

How many times I tried to get tickets for Chicago and she is now in Saskatchewan.

Who knew....I had to wait for her to come to me!!

It should be a good time!!


These guys can't wait much longer!!

Can't wait to tell you what Oprah had to say!!


  1. Gorgeous quilt! I think I would have passed on the auction too, but still looks like there was some interesting items. Those kittens look like they're Trouble!!!!

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