Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walk in the Park

Would be great....
If there wasn't 4' of snow everywhere...
This will have to do....
This project has made it to many retreats but never saw daylight.
I started it at our retreat in January FINALLY
was making great progress till I ran out of black...
After some searching I found some that will do
 it was back out of the box!
It was a mess of pieces to organize again!!

I started in the center and worked my way around...

Before I knew it, I was ready to bind.
I have never bound such sharp inside corners and definitely need a lesson....
or TEN on that!! 

I kept the quilting simple with just a small stipple in the white
'stitch in the ditch' around the knots.

I am still not sure why it made one extra block.
Maybe it was a test block?!?!
So I put it on the back.

One more project bites the dust!!
Good thing as there are only 8 weeks to our quilt show!!
Torquay, Saskatchewan
June 29th and 30th,2013


  1. Eight weeks - I hate it when you put a number on things!!!!! That is about how many projects I have to finish.

    1. Chop...chop,Colleen!! So I guess this means you dont want to know how many days till summer?? It's closer than the quilt show!!!

  2. I love your "Walk in the Park" and am really looking forward to your quilt show in Torquay!

    1. Thanks,Elaine! Hope to put on another good show!

    2. Please bring friends with you, Elaine!

  3. I love your "Walk in the Park". You are so talented.
    You still have snow on the ground? Oh how I wish I was there :)
    Raining here in OHIO with thunder & wind.
    Spring has sprung!

    1. They are promising spring tomorrow so we can only hope!! They have lied for so long it's hard to believe!!

  4. I read on FB "I hope summer falls on a Saturday" and isn't that just about the truth this year! :o) I love your "Walk in the Park" - great colours, beautiful curves, perfect binding... aren't you scared of anything when it comes to piecing and quilting?

  5. I love how the back fits perfectly in with the looks great!

  6. That's really neat! What an intricate pattern, and you did a wonderful job on it. :)


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