Friday, May 31, 2013

Scrap Squad Friday...My Turn!!

It's Friday....
and a SOGGY one at that!!
With the cement removed from the old garage, it makes for a treacherous walk out the door.

So what better reason to stay in and read some quilting blogs!!
Friday also means its another episode of Scrap Squad Reveal
QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Off to the Races by Christa Marcotte
This week's quilt comes to you from...
I won't scare you with a picture of myself.
This quilt pattern is by Robin Waggoner called Mandarin Express.
My inspiration point was this car print and I was off to the races!!
The red, black and white theme was fitting...
Racing flag border and all!!!

And not a quilt goes lately by without Susie's Magic Binding!!!
Such an easy way to bind and flange at the same time!
 Of course, it was quilted by my favorite longarmer, Terry Whitman.
As always, another incredible job!!
Terry doesn't have a website....YET....I really need to get her one!!
Terry's work is one of a kind and unique to each quilt.

Click HERE for a more detailed look at the making of this quilt
 where it is featured on the Quiltmaker Blog today.

Got to go.....

You know that saying...

Make hay when the sun is shining,

Sew when it's raining!!!

(ok..I made it up but it's a should be one)

This Fox has been calling my name all week...



  1. That's a great quilt. the colours work so well together. Please do show how your fox turned out. I haven't seen that block before.

  2. It's a beautiful quilt with beautiful quilting. I'm always amazed at how straight lines can look curved on some quilts/quilt blocks. Looking at your quilt in reader I was sure that the white points were curved. Looking at it close up I can see that they're not. Fun.

  3. Wow, Christa, this is great! I love your quilter! Mine has a way to go (me). I like how over at Quilty Pleasures you can see both red,black and white quilts with just a scroll. They did turn out so different! I'm totally amazed at how fast - and well done - you turn things out. Hope you enjoyed your fox!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!