Friday, August 30, 2013

A Day of Surprises

The heat is on..... in MANY ways!!
Not only has the weather been unbearable hot but harvest is also in full swing!
Heat and Harvest do go well together!

I was about to work on my combine in the field when I SCREAMED upon this HUGE spider!

I must admit...yup....I killed him!
My research this morning says he WAS a tunnel spider.
 I wasn't about to take a chance on getting bitten!
I had another little...and much better surprise in the shop
This sewing machine cabinet was dropped off in my shop.
and inside was....

this little Singer Machine!!

The serial number dates it to 1954.
This little box was also with it.

It holds all the pieces for the machine.

It opens up completely flat....

They just don't make things like this any more!!


And in box number 2 was this.....

Again... where is the style and character of things we make these days?
None the less, thank you for the gifts.... I will treasure them!
(I think I am becoming a collector...or is that 'hoarder'?)
Stay cool!!
 Hop on over to Quiltmaker for Scrap Squad Friday


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Little Ahead and a Week Behind

 Tools I am now all too familiar with these days...
Yup...That is Dawson driving!
 On the garage front, we are coming right along...

Gyproc is done...

Patio door in the new entry....

 A couple of spectators enjoying the entertainment.....

and my favorite part of this whole build.....
Watching someone else work as the doors were installed yesterday!!
I don't think it could have been hotter... that's for sure!!

So we are now at lock up stage!!! 
Painting, and siding will be done after harvest.
The hay has been hauled...
We even had a passenger along for the ride
The wheat and barley are swathed.....

Last year we were done combining on August 30th,2012.
Just a little behind....
Let harvest begin!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Scrap Squad Friday..Number 4!!

I managed...
(and I do mean MANAGE between haying, harvest and a garage build)
 to finish my 4th quilt for the Scrap Squad for Quiltmaker Magazine!!
QMMP 131000 cover 500 QM Scrap Squad: Western Waltz Goes Christmas
It is Western Waltz designed and made by Donna Benham from Omaha, Nebraska
This is the original quilt....
QMMP 131000 BENHAM 400 QM Scrap Squad: Western Waltz Goes Christmas
I decided to go with a 'Christmas in July' theme

This strip called 'All a Glow Wavy Stripe' was my starting point.

Of course I could not resist to use Susie's magic binding technique

Terry Whitman worked her special magic on quilting this piece.

To see the finished product...
 be sure to hop on over to Quiltmaker's Blog
Special Thanks to Terry for putting up with my stretchy quilts!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Rocking it in the Garage

A flying trip to Regina,Sk to pick up a 2nd recruit..
Tannis, my other sister decided to fly here also!
I am trying to do some fun things with them...

Look like Dawson is loving the ride.....

That's not an otter!!

So the build is getting there... with a little rock on the front!

Insulation being put in....

Gyproc started.....12' Sheets of Ceiling rock..Yeeesh!!

Dad, Me and the 3rd man...the lift, Thank Goodness!!

Now for Daaayyyyy 2......

Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Twist on Multitasking

One of my Fellow Scrap Squad Members sent me the link for this video
Don't think I haven't thought of this!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Getting a Shine on

Cementing went well...
Another check mark of the list!!

I have a new recruit this week.....
This is my sister, Larissa who I managed to drill ONE hole for me.
That was harder than she thought it was going to be!!
Larissa lives in High River, Alberta and was affected by the  recent flood
She and her kids and pets has been displaced since June 20th,2013
But she is resilent and has weathered this storm well!
Her condo should be ready for living this week!!
I treated her to a day with the quilting girls in Midale

to visit the Rolling Ray of Sonshine quilt truck
Larissa does not quilt so you can only imagine how I had to hold down her enthusiasm!!

I managed to finish my Scrap Squad#4 in the nick of time

I mixed a ton of prints in my Christmas rendition of Western Waltz

by Donna Benham of Omaha, Nebraska
which is currently in the Quiltmaker Magazine's Sept/Oct 2013 edition
This stripe called Glow Wavy Stripe by Susan Winget was my starting point....

and from there, it just got crazy!!

Stay tuned for the finished product!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Whole Lot of Gridding Going On

I think we are ready....Bring on the cement!!
I spent the day tying rebar...
Much like tying a quilt and just as hard on the fingertips!
This is going to look amazing in 'grey'!!

Justin and I resurrected with this vintage JD 11 sickle mower
Not sure what year it is but it's got to be 40 or 50 years old
This is how they used to cut hay...7' at a time!!
I thought 18' was too small!!!
It's a little newer than this one.. but not by much!!

Antique John Deere Sickle Mowers ( Mowers )
The only thing that has changed is the horsepower pulling it!!
Then it was off for a fast trip to Minot, ND.....
I'll take the 2 1/2 hour drive for the rest from working!!
The only stops in Minot were John Deere and Menards....

But the real excitement started on the way home....

Friends texted saying that we were getting a storm at home...

We were greeted with some scary clouds on our way back!!
A Louisiana man at this gas station stated how he hadn't had this many storms back home!

The clouds were screaming 'We aren't in Kansas anymore'
There were no warnings of tornados but I think this one was close!!

I think it's time for some sunshine and summer time!!