Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Spirit in the Air...

The nutcrackers are lined up in the stores....
And I have started stitching on Snow Flurries by Crabapple Hills
I am using Valdani Thread #12 weight in shades of dark blues....

 with a little Silver thrown into the mix!!
I had been looking for Valdani for some time at local shops to no avail
finally found it in Vegas at Christmas Goose Quilt Store.
I wanted to buy the entire display...yarn and all!!!
I used a Fabric Fusion pen to trace my designs on to snowflake print white on white...

It disappears when ironed!!
I love the words.....

And NO... I am not following that pattern!!
(no shock to most of you I am sure)

I am stitching all the words and snowflakes and will make blocks to go with them

I need to find a better way to take pictures because these don't do it justice..
Maybe I'll try taking some pictures outside....

 Valdani is beautiful to work with and was worth the wait!!

The stitching continues.....
ps. On a side note....
T'is the Hunting Season too- even though I like my critters on their feet
These hunters were at the Border coming into Canada to do a show up north...

I hope they dressed warm... they aren't in Kansas anymore!!
A driving billboard for their show!!

Pretty cool!!!

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  1. I love the snowflakes!!! I need to try some needlework soon.
    It is bow season here in Ohio. "The Bob's" (friends from Cleveland) both got deer two weeks ago. They'll be back on Thursday evening for the end of bow and the first day of gun season which is Monday. I am lucky to have great friends that share the bounty.
    Today it is very cold and snowy here. No school so a longer holiday break. Happy Thanksgiving! I know your in Canada, but Happy Thanksgiving anyways!!!


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