Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quilter's Haven Christmas Challenge

Quilter's Haven in Moose Jaw, SK
 having a Christmas Challenge this month
This is the fabric that was in the bag...now what to make??

It had to incorporate a 9 patch, 2 flying geese and 3 HST's
I had tried the Itsy Bitsy Twister Ruler at Retreat
I wondered what a Christmas tree might look like....

I did a ROUGH sketch hoping it might work....

Started sewing and cutting and sewing again....

And before you know it.... I was liking the result!!
Here is my finished project which is in the mail as we speak....

The presents in the corners are my required components...
I made mine before going to Vegas so I was quite suprised to see this one at the shophop!!
Let's just say that my tree is considerable more PRIMITIVE!!


  1. I'd love to make a large pin wheel tree quilt. And thanks for the update on our Guild website, too!

  2. Yours is cuter than the one in the Vegas shop! Love the polar bear fabric ... will have to get some for my Aussie friend.

  3. I like your tree, too. Good luck in the contest! And good luck to the Riders this Sunday (but only because the Stamps are out.)

  4. I love your tree , how creative of you !


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