Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aaahh... The Sounds of a Dryer.....

Can you believe it's June today??
Just racing through another year
speaking of speeding..
 There were races at Estevan Motor Speedway last night..

It started off as a gorgeous night....
This man was sitting in front of me.
My son, Justin sells equipment for E Bourassa.
 I sent him a pic to see if he knew this man.
Justin said he did not recognize the ears.
Come on, Justin....
Justin started texting us that we had 2 hours before a major storm was going to hit.
He was right....
We were ordered out of the stands and told to take cover!!
The lightening was crazy and the winds were high.
2 inches of rain later!!
Sad to report that a friend's tractor and airseeder

burned after being struck by lightening last night.
With all this rain,
 he was probably done seeding anyways.
But on a good note...
We will be able to kayak for a few more weeks now with all this rain.
On an even better note...
I am enjoying the sounds of clothes drying in the new dryer!!!

Only had to wait 54 days for Sears to deal with it.
I am WAAY to patient...but lost it on the guy on Friday!!
Dealt with on Saturday!!
I think I deserve some time with my second weekender bag...
Going stitching..

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  1. So glad you have a new dryer and so sorry about your neighbor's tractor. Scary.


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