Monday, September 14, 2015

If This Bag Could Talk.....

Not me....This bag....
I called it 'Stepping Out'

It was my entry for the 2014 Hoffman Challenge
She has been travelling the States with the Hoffman Show
You had to incorporate this fabric....
Indigo Collection
This is what I did with it...

She had the honour of being with the Travelling Show with Hoffman Fabrics
I should have called her 'Runaround Sue' because she was all over the place!!
Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in Loveland, CO
Amish Country Quilt Show in Dalton, OH
World Quilt Show in Davie, FL
Hoffman International Fabrics in Mission Viero, CA
Pioneer Florida Museum Farm Fest and Quilt Show in  Dade City, FL
Carnegie Wing Gallery in Zanesville,OH
World Quilt Show, New  England in Manchester,NH

Can you imagine if she could talk?!?!?
I should have installed a recording device so I could hear the things they said in Amish Country!

I imagine the peeps saying "Where would you 'step out' with that?"
These are the fabrics for 2016
There is a white version..
and a black version

I can see some potential with these!!


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