Thursday, November 23, 2017

Batiks....oh Happy Days!!


That is the real reason we came to Bali.

Sounds crazy but when you have a fabric addiction....

We were led into a private residence to have a chance to try making our own

All kinds of colors....

It was crazy how great they turned out.

Bonnie Freitags picture....

Val Leis picture.....

Trudi Hutchinson and Jill Thorn....

Th results were stunning....

Colleen Sproute

We can not take all the credit though...

We had great teachers who helped us with the process

This man was amazing.

Nyoman Suradnya.

He drew some of our pictures for us to have a guideline

His program is called Nirvana Batik Course.

For more info - Here

He has been allover the world teaching art.

I asked for frogs like the silver store ones

It was super hot and we were working with even hotter wax.

But we had a good time.

THIS is what we came to do.

It was at the top of my list anyways....

Terry drew feathers and flowers

Maryann did an amazing abstract

Colleen's was a volcano and rice patties

If we had trouble with color choice,

 they helped guide us or even FIXED it!!

Working hard....

This was such a quiet and quaint spot 
 all the hustle and bustle of 4M peeps of Bali

I loved all the detail in the stones on these walls.

This kind of detail is everywhere in Bali.

Such workmanship...

Terrys picture in progress


Everyone did a fabulous job!!

Val,Shelby and Colleen

Shelley, Bonnie, Jill and Val

This was my end result...

We also finally made it to couple of stores to purchase some batik fabrics

My favorite was C.V.Dewi Mas

We went back twice...once was not enough!!

Look at all this color......

SOOOO much choices!!

At 2.70 per Metre...

You can only imagine the fabric flying!!!!

This lady led us to Dewi from the Maju store crossing traffic that was so dangerous.

She said it was her job...she carries our packages.

We paid her when we got back to our cab safely!!

Little did we know she was connected to the Dewi Store some how
she was working at the store when we came back.

I tell you...we are such tourists!!

We had a quick stop to look at some reconditioned machines named butterfly

Then it was on the Maju Batiks.

It's funny..... 

When we were at DEWI MAS, the man said he is the nicer guy.

He said MAJU... nicer store...not nice guy.

He might have been right...

One of the girls noticed their credit card statement had an extra zero on Maju bill

Her 100 dollars was charged as 1000!!

That was something my uncle warned me about!

Next.... we hit up a notions store called Central.

It was jam packed......I mean JAMMM PACCKED

sliding room only.....through the rows

Three floors at this location


The owner came out and chatted with me.

He had 10 stores.... all with different notions in each.

There was another across the street so we risked our lives again crossing the street.

I was so estatic....I found my industrial sewing machine for 50$

Would have been 500$ here....

I am set for life with 550 needles!!

If that wasn't enough...

he said he gives you a bag lunch if you purchase anything!!

Our driver was set as a couple of us gave this lunch to him!

Still washing up my 60 metres....


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bali ......Part 5

Our first week was spent in Nusa Dua, Bali.

It was a fabulous Hotel with an incredible pool.

Both hotels had fabulous pools

With the heat,we spent a lot of time rehydrating and floating in it.

Sandi, Christa, and Jill

I would have to say that was our saving grace

One of our tours was to Threads of Life in Ubud.

The street was paved with notes of marriages

It was pretty cool

Threads of Life 

is a company that connected the talents of the Balinese
people looking to purchase these handmade treasures

Jalan talked about how these masterpieces were weaved 

Naturally dyed

Understanding the stories behind the patterns

These pieces are very intricate

His store was filled with all kinds of textiles

 Ikat in the process of being weaved

The hand made baskets were just as inpressive.

Fabulous pattern finely weaved.

We quickly realized that it was important to have water and a fan to try to stay cool.

I purchased mine at Threads of Life

Nearly every day we were treated to lunch at a different restuarant

We finally convinced Sudiana to eat with us!!

This was duck, rice, bean salad and shrimp chips

Dessert was green pancake with coconut and fried banana

We drank alot of water out of these containers.

It was a water juice box!

We went to a few jewelry stores

This one was all silver

We could not take pictures inside

but the outside was amazing

I loved this bike display

Through the bamboo forest....

and down the stairs with all the cool frogs

was a tour through the workshop of the silversmiths


We also stopped at a Pearl Store.

I am not much of  pearl girl
 I loved what the other girls bought after I saw their purchases.

I hope you are not bored out of your mind yet!!

Nearly done!!


Happy Birthday, Shelby!!