Friday, February 8, 2013

Has Anyone Seen the Sun?

The frost may be beautiful but I sure am missing the sun!!

I have always claimed to be a solar powered chick and my batteries are definitely running low!!
It was a good day to be at the church quilting yesterday
dreaming the sun was shining through the stain glass windows!!

I have finished my Bonnie Hunter Mystery, Easy Street.

My two "Vanna's" holding this up said it looked like stain glass from their side.

I can not seem to get a good picture of this quilt.

The b/w fabric seem to make it blurry.

I don't think I will do a mystery quilt again as I am disappointed in the end result.

Tracey's picture of my quilt on The Block Party Blog is probably about as good as it gets!

She has some great pictures from our retreat, too.

Maybe I need some distance from this one for awhile!

I started the second project for the Quiltmaker's Scrap Squad.

I was feeling like I have recently done my share of bright/colorful quilts so I decided to use this layer cake of Kasuri for project 2.

I pumped out 160 of the 208 paper pieced blocks needed.

When I got home,

 I received an email to halt the process as this was the wrong quilt for the next project!!

I guess I have a good start on this for down the road!

I didn't realize that I had been going down the path of blues and browns again anyways!

So I will think 'color' again for the next Scrap Squad quilt.

Maybe something in  yellows....make my own sun!!



  1. We have seen the sun for the past two days, but it is cloudy and raining with a possibility of snow today.
    I chose not to do the Easy Street. I still have a previous mystery quilt to finish. I have been experimenting with my Block Base/EQ programs and coming up with my own designs. It's amazing how those blocks all fall into place.
    I love the Scrap Squad quilt you are working on. Let us know when it is to be published.

    1. I definitely will post when my quilt is featured!! I don't have EQ and always wonder if I would use it or not!! Might have to look into that!!

    2. I use EQ4, which my friend gave me when she upgraded. I am drooling over the Electric Quilt 7 since it has the Block Base program included. I am really OK with the EQ4 since I have figured out all aspects of it. Do I really want to learn another program? Learning Windows 8 has been quite an experience! I belong to Sew Its For Sale yahoo group and you may be able to find an older version on there.

  2. Well, it's impossible to get a great picture in that basement because of the crappy lighting. Taking a picture outside is your best bet. I do know that I am telling you something that you already know.

  3. You are right about that! And I was too lazy to trudge through the snow to hang it on my clothesline!!

  4. I hope you got your sunshine. Yesterday afternoon was sunny and sparkly here and today is no different. We're heading to Vegas until Thursday so I hope to see sun there although their long range forecast doesn't show much heat. I have the quilt store finder app loaded on my phone. I keep waiting for April Fool's when I will load it on Bob's phone. I keep telling him he needs to password protect his phone, but does he listen. No.

    1. There was some sun in the afternoon and today was an awesome day of sun and shop hopping in Minot with the girls! Great day!Have fun in Vegas!!I love it there!


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