Thursday, May 1, 2014

An Extra Guild Day

With all the snow on Monday,
we figured we would squeeze in another guild day
I finished shovelling the cement....
then the roof unloaded it's snow!! 
I managed to get some things ready for Spring....

In case it ever comes!!

Perfect little set to host a tea party....of the mojito kind!!
Come on, Spring!!
I managed to finish my barn scene -
The Back Forty by Toni Whitney

There are alot of pieces.....

But the end result is pretty stunning...

Collen was finishing this birthday banner...

The guests sign in the panel of their age your celebrating...
too cute!!
Tracey was teasing me
 with my favorite color, purple and a star to boot!!

This quilt is going to be incredible when complete
it looks like it's almost there!!

Tracey also made some pillow shams for another quilt....
I received my second Row Robin box yesterday

so I got a head start on that project!!

She wanted 'cutsey' so I went with mini windows.
Got to go...
Bull testing got moved from next week to TOMORROW!!
I think there is going to be a Rodeo at Justin's tonight!!
Better find my boots..


  1. I cannot believe you are still getting snow there in the US.....Whacky! Love the barn quilt you have done.....absolutely stunning. Hope you get that spring weather soon!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  2. I love the snow. Would rather have it instead of rain which we have had for the past 4 days.
    We have a bistro set on our breezeway and love it! I love to sit out there and watch the birds on the feeders. I love your red color! The top of ours is a Mariner's Compass!
    Glad you got another guild day. Looks like everyone accomplished a lot and the red barn you did is amazing! Here's hoping Spring arrives soon!


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