Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dryer Dilemma

I am pretty patient.
But after 6 weeks,
I have come to my breaking point.
I have not had a working dryer since April 8,2014.

I cleaned the lint trap in the middle of a cycle
the dryer never turned on again.
It's only 3 years old.
Did my due diligence.
I purchased the extra warranty.

I have been given the run around.

I have been forced to turn to public shame.
After MANY calls, one WRONG part, and two letters to Sears,
I have turned to FACEBOOK!!
Within 2 minutes of hitting send,
I was replied to with 'we will look into this matter'
Like I haven't heard that 10 times in the last 6 weeks.
My tractor gets parts from John Deer faster than Sears.

This clothes horse has become a permanent fixture

 in my disaster of a utility room..

I am so tired of crunchy towels
Blue jeans that walk on their own!!
Farming is a dirty job...literally!!
Washing is primal to survival at this house.
Drying is now painful and time consuming!!
Nothing like wearing a damp bunny hug or jeans...
I am ready to hot wire this puppy!!!
Any suggestions out there??
Go to go get those clothes on the line....


  1. I wish you better luck than I had:)
    I made the mistake of purchasing a Sears warranty for my refrigerator. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I got such a run around for over 4 months and they never followed through on their end of the warranty. Tried to tell me that thawed ice cream was because of the amount of fat in the brand not the freezer temperature. UG!

  2. Sears had a horrible reputation when we lived there. Go Public through the CBC does a great job of airing dirty laundry, pardon the pun. Meanwhile, clotheslines are encouraged here in Nova Scotia and each spring they have a free give away. It is sunny but only two degrees and I am about to attempt to duck the black flies and hang laundry. Good luck with Sears.

  3. Oh, dear. My only suggestion is that you go for coffee at friends' houses often and always take a wet load of laundry! A neighbor used my machine for about 4 months while their basement was completely jack hammered out. We had the best visits as her clothes were in my washer and drier.

    1. So....when will you be having coffee on?? Just kidding!! Hope to get this resolved soon!!


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