Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dust and Dark Clouds...

With temps reaching a balmy 31C yesterday,
I finished seeding in the nick of time..
as the clouds started to roll in
we had a bit of a storm...

The weather changed so fast
this guy didn't get a chance
 take his snow plow off before hooking on to the grain cart!!

All the cows made it to pasture for the summer...
I think they were as excited as I was!!

When my sister, Larissa went to England
I made her this bag.....

 I have been trying to finish up with this bag...

for my sister,Tannis who is going to Costa Rica in June
I was invited to join but it's way to hot for me...
NYC was way to hot!!!
We are going to Houston Quilt Festival in October!!!
(can't wait!!)

I purchased the kit at the Regina Quilt Show from Fabriculous Quiltshop
It an Amy Butler pattern called the Weekender
 I am 'quilting-as-I-go'...

At this point,
it is not going in the direction I was hoping...
Time will tell.

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  1. There is a quilt along going on right now with this bag but I was way too chicken to try. I've heard lots of wicked things about this pattern.


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