Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Birthday Surprises

This whirly gig bike has a funny story...
I saw it in a store.
LOVED it... didn't buy it.
Went back to get it.
 Walked in to see a man at the till with the last one.
Pretty much accosted the poor guy,
trying to convincing him
 he really didn't like it and should leave it at the store.
Even asked him where he lived....wouldn't tell me....
Justin found one for my birthday!!
This Rooster...

Recently visited a friend.
 She had a couple of copper Roosters at her door.
Too cute....
Found one at my door on the morning of my birthday!!!
My husband gave me one!!
Love it, Arnold!!
Ruby Slippers....

Mom gave me a pair of garden shoes from Yuma!!
Cute and comfortable!!
Colleen popped in for a minute with a gift
(I am beeeyoooond spoiled)
She made these adorable napkins for my bistro set!!

Embroidered dragon flies with my initials
Love them!!
Will have to have a mojito on the deck one day!!
Last but not least.....
the garden shed kitties...

I have moved them to the chicken coop twice now

Gadget keeps moving them back to the shed.
They are going to need a ladder to get to the floor!!
Thank you to everyone for all the gifts and wishes.
I am very blessed!!


  1. You ARE spoiled. You should spread the love and give me those garden shoes! Would it help if I said Please?

    1. How about I give you a kitten??? They are adorable, too!!

  2. Wonderful gifts from the wonderful people in your life. You are spoiled and you should be!

  3. If I divorce Bob, then I'm taking the gray kitten. If I stay with him, then no kitten for me. Hmmm, Bob or a kitten; Bob wins by a hairbreath ... for now!


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