Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spoiled Rotten

Can you believe it??
 One year ago today
 this old garage was torn(literally) off the house....

To make room for the new garage....

It was May 27,2013... my birthday!!
The old one was remains of a barn that used to be on our farm
 was so rotted and in disrepair.
I am amazed every morning when I make breakfast and look out the window
Quite the accomplishment in four months of summer!!
This summer
 I plan to enjoy all the 'fun' that was foregone due to the build last year!!
I sent out a 'spur of the moment-let's go kayaking' text on Sunday

Within a half hour,
Justin, Maryann and I were paddling down the creek...

It was raining in the morning,
so I worked on Tannis' Weekender bag...

adding touches of love....
It's all ready for her adventure in Costa Rica!!

I have been completely spoiled by my friends for my birthday....
Maryann found this cute little number in Moose Jaw,Sk

Bonnie, Shelby and Ken Love came down for a QUICK visit

Bringing amazing finds like this purple(my fav) fabric from France

 Dragonfly earrings
a pot holder from Prague!!

The cake is delicious, Shelby!!
Terry gave me this neat little magnetic needle minder, Dragonfly fabric,
cute little plaque

Can you see the reoccurring theme?
These people know me well...
It was great to see everyone!!
You made my day!
Lunch with Mom, Chantel and Jaxon!!
Too spoiled!!
(insert cake crumbs here)


  1. Happy Birthday, Christa; something else we share beside quilting. Loved the spade. Must tell my son as he is stationed at the base there and swears there's no good shopping. That's his excuse but I know it's just because he really doesn't like to do it. Have a great day.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday wishes! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

  3. I see you finished your Weekender. Any troubles? Also, how is the dryer repair coming? I assume it isn't fixed or you would have said something.

  4. Did you make the Weekender bag from scratch? One day I WILL make a bag!

    1. Its my Safari that won't let me post. I'm posting from Chrome now and its working fine.


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