Thursday, April 9, 2015

Missouri star Bear Paw Quilt

Have you checked out any tutorials on Missouri Star Quilt Co.?
Jenny Doan makes them all look so easy!! 
I decided to give this Bear Paw a try!
I started with this jelly roll of Eclectic Elements.
I can't remember peoples names
 I know I bought this in Glendive,MT TWO years ago!!
(how bad is that!!)

with some cream yardage for the background

I started it last Thursday at guild....

and another day at home the paws were done!!

I wanted to sash it with cornerstones at the intersections
couldn't find fabric I thought would look good

So I did the 'Baby Bears' version of this quilt...

Now for some borders!!
We also celebrated  Arnold's dad's 80th Birthday on the weekend.

Some of his favorite things...

Arnold and Anita hosted, calling themselves Roger's  'A' team
(Arnold and Anita)

They did a great job even though they BOTH were nervous!!
It was held in the senoirs center
there was a sign up board for activities...

Beside that was a chalkboard of who was in the hospital....

If you didn't make those two lists,
you quite possibly could be on the Obit Board

Moral of this story...
Keep yourself active
 it's all down hill from there!!
Where has this week gone to??



  1. Very nice!!!! Th bear paw makes a gorgeous quilt

  2. The Bear Paw turned out much lighter than I was envisioning it. Very nice.


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