Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Block Party Quilt Show... Day 1

Day 1...
 was a great success at our quilt show once again!!
Today is Day 2 and will be running from 12- 4pm.
 our feature quilter, Irene Roy was not feeling well and couldn't be present.
This is just a few pictures of her accomplishments throughout the years.

Irene has such amazing talents in all genres of creativity...


We wish her a speedy recovery and thank her for her display of inspiration!!
For those of you who can not make it to the show.....

Kids room
Here are some snaps of the amazing displays we have going on!!!
Migrating Geese Class
We have 10 women in our guild and have 5 guest quilters in our show

This show contains all new quilts from the last 3 years of our work....

There are a total of 243 pieces hanging in this years show!!!

It is an incredible show of the creativity
inspiration from a small group of quilting women.

This is just a glimmer of what there is to see!!

We have 3 vendors this year...
The Quilter's Haven and Quilter' Palette of Moose Jaw,Sk
Shirley's Sewing Room of Moosomin, Sk.

Heather and Shirley

You know it's a good show when one vendor is purchasing from the other!!
I purchased some Canada Stonehenge fabric.....
Only fitting for Canada Day tomorrow!!
Thank you for all who came to the show
 our families for helping us to put this show on.
We hope it met your expectations and was an entertaining day for all!!
If you have time today ...
 be sure to stop in for some cake and tea

Friday, June 28, 2013

Scrap Squad Friday and Quilt Show Set Up!!

I made it home safe and sound and in good time..
But no rest for the weary...
It is our BIG QUILT SHOW tomorrow so we are setting up today!!
Be sure to make some time to come and see our works of art in fabric
have some strawberry shortcake and is available!!
Going to be another hot one...the show and the day!!
QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Ginas Turning Points
It is also Scrap Squad Friday!!
ginablogheadshot QM Scrap Squad: Ginas Turning Points
Today’s featured quilt is by Gina Elias from Spring Valley, Illinois.
Be sure to click on over to Quilty Pleasures to see what a great job Gina did with this quilt!!
You won't even recognize it compared to mine!!
Stay cool and see you tomorrow
(or Sunday, which ever day works for you!)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leaving on a Jet plane...

Well, not sure what happened to days 4 to 6 but I find myself on  plane....

As happy to be going home as I was to go to NCY!!!

Life is an adventure and Boy...did we explore!!!

I will be sure to share right ater hanging te quilt show a the weekend over!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 3.....

KILL ....ME.....NOW......
(no music to insert)

In Saskatchewan, 
we have a wind chill that makes -5 seem like -50C...

In New York City,
The humidity makes +35C feel like +45C.

I swear we melted today!! 

We still trucked around this city doing all we could think of but HOLY was it hot.

We cabbed it,ferried it, subwayed it, bused it and walked a hundred blocks.

I can't seem to get my pictures on so those will have to wait till next week.

I think a leisurely ride in Central Park is called for tomorrow.

Going to melt into my bed...


Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 2...NCY

(insert....The Heat Is On music here)

 +34 C, pure pavement,
sitting on the top of a Double decker bus riding through the boroughs

Made for a interesting day!!

We saw Central Park, Times Square, Empire State Building
even a glimmer of the Statue of Liberty

Plan to get up close and personal with her today!

Going to need to stay hydrated which I must say was not too much of a problem for us yesterday

We managed to find some icy cold margaritas that bit the spot!!!

This morning.....

The Garment District

Let the fabric unroll....


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 1....NYC

(insert 'Law &Order' duh.duh sound here)

We are alive!

Arrived safe and sound...

But the country bumpkins we are..

Couldn't figure out how to open the drawer to use the safe in the room

Called an attendant.....

Pull the drawer really hard!!  

We laughed for an hour at our stupidity!!

Then we hit the streets...

Decided to load all 4 of us in a rickshaw....

Not a good idea..

.went 4 blocks and demanded to be let off before being killed by traffic!!

Then the guy says that will be 15$.... Per person!!!!

60$??? For 4 blocks???

Tannis said NOOOO We aren't paying you that.....

We gave him 40 and ran!!

A cab would have been 5 bucks!!!

Today...we plan to hit the streets with our eyes WIDE open!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cutting and Stitching of a Different Kind

I haven't had time to do much sewing lately.
I started working on this squirrel on the Forest Friends QAL but he is only half done.
But still have been doing a lot of measuring and cutting......
of WOOD!
Instead of my rotory cutter.....
a skill saw...
And stitched together with the air nailer!

The person who invented this tool deserves to be a millionaire...
What a time AND arm saver!

And of course...there has been plenty of supervisors on the job!!

Even while planting the flowers.....
The walls are ready to go up but will have to wait till next week
 as I am off to....
I will try to blog from NYC but no guarantee!!
I am hoping to see the Garment District
But it is forecasted to be +34C so will have to see if we melt first!
It is sure to be amazing!!
Special thanks to Shelby Love for the cutest birthday gift.....
How adorable is this shoe!!!
Let the adventure begin.....
Ps. Be sure to stop over at The Scrap Squad
QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Becky Deals with Turning Points! Giveaway!
 to see Becky's Rendition of 'Turning Points' this week

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Quiltmaker Shuffle

QM10713 QM Scrap Squad: Turning Points by Christa Marcotte; Giveaway!
Just in case your feeling a little stiff these days while sewing....

You can now do the Quiltmaker Shuffle.
I am currently doing the Garage Building Shuffle and am feeling the burn!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Easy Street Mystery Quilt

This quilt was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery on the Quiltville Blog this winter.
It was based on these Lowe's paint chips...
These are not colors I would ever put together...

But individually I love each of them!!

I finished this quilt sometime ago but finally got it to Terry.
She is ALWAYS busy so I hate to burden her with my quilts.
But with the our quilt show coming up on June 29th and 30th, 2013....
I sent it her way
she got it done in a blink of an eye....
 so I could bind it before going to NYC on Saturday!!

 This picture looks very washed out so you will have to come see it in person at the show!! 
It is not my favorite and probably my LAST mystery quilt EVER.

Terry did another incredible job of all over quilting.
I felt this quilt was too busy with no definition so just an all over pattern was all it needed.

I did manage to whip up a label... my 2013 New Year's resolution...
To label all my quilts from now on!!

While trying to get ready for the show,

I am amazed at how I don't know what year my unlabeled quilts are.
This year's show consists of quilts that have been made since our last show 2 years ago.
I think you will be amazed with our show as there are only 10 of us in our guild.
We are having some guest appearance quilts
The Wednesday Girls of Estevan
 some honorary ghost members like Heather Piermantier.

Our Feature Quilter will be Irene Roy of Estevan,SK.

You will definitely not want to miss this incredibly talented lady!!

Mark your calendars!!

June 29th&30th, 2013



Friday, June 14, 2013

The Happy Nun in Forget, Saskatchewan

Last night,
we had the pleasure of attending the AGM
This is a board that Justin serves on for Economic Development in our area.
It has come full circle as Justin had won  'Young Entreprenuer'  through Community Futures for his business, Organic Farmer Boy and is now a board member.
The Happy Nun hosted this event.
This is a little treasure in Forget, Saskatchewan...
The Happy Nun is a jazzy, wholesome place with great atmosphere.

For a little history on Forget and how it got it name click HERE.

They cook local, organic delicious food and host Bluegrass, Jazz, and Open Mic nights on weekends.

They serve interesting and unique food like this ginger beer and rhubarb cider.

The owners have incredible vision to take things and make them works of art.

The ambiance is so warm and relaxing yet fun!
Fireflies in a mason jar.....

We were entertained by Binder Twine and the Balers.
I am not much for Bluegrass but these guys were amazing.
Please excuse the poor video but listen to the music....
It was like going to a Statefair and hearing the downhome country music.
They were incredible musicians!!
If you ever get a chance be sure to call ahead and make a reservation!!
The Happy Nun is a unique experience!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Then There was SEEEE-MENT

It is crazy to think only 15 days ago....
We started to tear down the garage!!
In the rain...
every day......
But this Rainbow must have been a sign of good luck...
Because after a few days of tying rebar....

and some sleeping on the job.....

It was ready to pour new cement....

With some help for our oldest son, Jeremy and John Van den Hurk...

This pad is ready for some walls!!!

Let the build begin!!