Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day from our farm to yours!!

Hope there is celebration in your day some where!
Stay safe!


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Maiden Voyage

Like a couple of crazy fools,

We decided to buy a Fifth Wheel.

35 years of marriage 


 We decide to challenge our relationship.

They say backing up a camper can make or break you...


 we have years of corral arguments under our belts.

Thinking we might like to try snowbirding...

We thought we should try a few trial runs around home.

Far enough away to trial
not so far to be dragged back home!

We heard the Willow Bunch Golf Course was amazing,


Arnold loves to golf.

I figured if we got into a gun fight, 

there are a lot of places to hide a body in the Wild West!

It was a super unlevel site but we got parked and settled in record time.

This campground is all about the golf course.

This was the guy beside us!!

We didn't bring that many blocks!!

This town is known for The Willow Bunch Giant 

Here is an interesting video on Edourd Beaupre and his short life.

And since my Maiden name is Cyr 
Edourd had some interaction with one of my ancestors...

it also included my family's claim to fame!

The strongest man in the world...

Louis Cyr

Willow Bunch has done a great job in preserving their history through out the town!

Their museum was a Home for Sisters at one time.

These were foot prints of Edouard...

Arnold has a size 11 foot!! 

We also headed to St. Victor to check out the Petroglyphs

The Interpretative Center used to be the Cookhouse
 the Animal Park in Moose Jaw
was moved here in the 90's.

It was made of old telephone logs 
 had stamps from the Bell company still.

I do have to say no trip is uneventful with us.

Due to very poor Sask Tourism  signage,

it was a lot of extra milage to try to find this site.

Some signs were up going one way but down going the other.

I am sure St Victor residents thought we were casing the joint.

We finally found the right road.

The park was closed but we looked at what we could see.

There are also a lot of country cemeteries.

This one was even more interesting 
 it was closed in 1918 due to the Spanish Flu Epidemic.

And here were are in 2020 during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

An epidemic is a wide spread disease where as a Pandemic is world wide spread of the diesease.

So true that history repeats itself.

There was one burial after the closure at this cemetery 
 it was a nine month old baby and mother.

We also went to visit the 'new' cemetery that was created due to this closure.

It was 1 1/2 miles out of town.

I was surprised that being this was a french community,
 there were no Cyrs on the list 
only one Marcotte, an infant in 1922.

I love to see how families remember and honour their family members.

A cowboy right to the end.

 A mechanic with a GMC dash

I told Arnold I want a skinny headstone.

It will be the only time I was represented as thin!

No one needs to know it's a lie!

Arnold got quite a few rounds on the golf course!

It was a beautiful course cut into the hills of Willow Bunch.

I was moral support/cart driver and ball watcher.

I think that earned me a few stops at some quilt shops down the road!!

Willow Bunch was a good first run!

And we came home still speaking to each other!!

Let the adventure continue!


Monday, June 29, 2020

Manitoba Road Trip

After months of Stay Home...Stay Safe...

I decided to go with Justin to Manitoba to pick up some piggies

Fifty little squeekers....

It was a five hour hike one way.

But I did get to stop at a quilt shop that I had never been to before!!

We stopped in Winkler, Manitoba 
check out 

I had heard many good things....

It definitely exceeded my expectations!

So much to see...

My sister requested this quilt....

Christmas is coming!

Fabulous work space...

Nice and bright!

Loved these chickens....

And the backing was chickens too!

Since we recently purchased a Fifth wheel,

I seem to be in a camping mode!

A beautiful display of quilts for sale that have been retired!

It's always nice to see patterns that are new to me!

I did purchase a couple of pieces of fabric

I didn't even realize 
 I was looking at my purchases 

on the way home

 this charm pack was called Explore!

Very fitting!

Seems like a lot of Manitoba towns have a road side attraction...

Morden had this turtle

La Riviere had a big turkey

Manitou had a cute little village of historic homes

It was a nice quick day trip!